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Finding the Right Spots for Security Camera Installation

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Home Security / March 23, 2020

Whether you’re doing it yourself or calling in professional security camera installation crews to ensure great security, placement is everything when it comes to security cameras.  You want to look for places with high visibility which will give you a lot of coverage, generally high up from the ground.  There are a lot of factors to consider, and these are some of the most important.

5 Critical Tips for Security Camera Installation

1. The most important locations to cover

Basically, your cameras should cover all the ways that an intruder might approach your home.  For a typical house, these include:

  • All exterior doors
  • The garage and driveway
  • Your backyard

In addition, interior placement is also critical.  These should focus on common areas, like:

  • Entryways
  • The living room
  • Interior hallways
  • Main stairways
  • Places where it would be easy to hide, such as laundry rooms or the basement

2. Places to avoid

There are two major places you should not place a camera.

  1. Anywhere that violates a neighbor’s privacy.  Generally speaking, some shared surveillance of public-facing areas is OK (i.e., if your outdoor camera also sees part of a neighbor’s yard) but the cameras cannot record inside a neighbor’s house, or else it could be an illegal privacy violation.
  2. Bedrooms or bathrooms.  People have an expectation of privacy in these rooms, even in your own home.  In particular, capturing guests on-camera in these areas could cause big problems.  Try other solutions, such as baby monitors for young children.

3. Use decoy cameras outside

Having visible cameras outside your home can be a major deterrent to thieves – or it can just tell people how to disable your security.  Your best bet is to have a couple of fake cameras set up in highly visible places, backed up by concealed cameras nearby.

4. Place outdoor cameras high up

The best place for an outdoor camera is approximately 8-10 feet off the ground and positioned so that it will never be pointed directly at the sun. Remember to get cameras that are weatherproofed!

5. Indoor cameras go in corners

Corners are almost always the best location for indoor security cameras.  Try to avoid pointing them through windows; the glass will cause glare and reflection issues.  Also, don’t conceal your indoor cameras – they should be visible to all visitors.

Riowell can ensure proper security camera installation, indoors and out.  Contact us to discuss our top-quality home security services!