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Video doorbell Installation – A perfect solution during COVID-19

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Video doorbell Installation

Video Doorbells / August 24, 2020

COVID-19 has drastically changed our lifestyle and our working environment, while some changes will stay permanent even when the virus will pass. With the outbreak, we are looking at things differently. The technology industry is exploring several ways to respond to COVID-19 pandemic.

The tracing apps, advanced data analysis techniques to know the movement of infection, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are trending during these COVID times. People are updating many of their manually-operated devices to automated and smart machines. Think of such devices to update your homes as a smart-step towards staying safe during these difficult times.

One such solution you should look for is the video doorbell installation. Become smart and install this technology-advanced doorbell at your homes. Don’t just consider it essential for the pandemic, but think it as the new normal for your smart home.

Use of smart technology to respond to the global contagion

People are adapting to the new change in terms of technology from the times of the recent Coronavirus outbreak. They are finding out ways to stay safe and healthy using modern systems. The world is growing smarter with the smart devices available to ease your daily tasks. The homes turn to smart-homes with the all-new hi-tech solutions available to increase home security and offer many advantages.

How is it helpful?

 Video doorbell installation is an important thing to consider during this pandemic. Haven’t you installed it yet? Check out how it is useful for you in these days. People living in an apartment, who order home delivery of products, have to cut out their direct communication with the delivery people. They aren’t allowed to engage with the inside people. The video doorbell is of great use here, limiting face-to-face communication and letting you talk to them using a smartphone or tablet. You get a notification whenever someone comes to your door and shows you who it is. With this excellent doorbell, it is possible to have a two-way chat with the visitor, and you can link the doorbell to other devices such as smart locks.

Video doorbell installation

The installation of a video doorbell is quite easy. Follow these steps

  • Shut off the power of your existing doorbell and remove the doorbell button
  • Charge the video doorbell by following the charging instructions specified by the manufacturer
  • Mount the bracket
  • Connect the wires correctly
  • If it is a digital doorbell, install the included diode
  • Place the video doorbell on the mounting bracket
  • Tighten the screws to the bottom of the video doorbell
  • Download the mobile app and create an account
  • Read the instructions on the app and follow the setup process
  • Check the video quality of the doorbell

Video doorbell installation is an excellent solution for the Coronavirus pandemic. Install it to offer life-long security to your home and family. To get more information, contact us today, and we will help you shop the best-quality Video doorbells.