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Smart CCTVs – The emergency measures to fight the COVID-19 pandemic

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Uncategorized / August 24, 2020

Your business or property might be at risk with the increasing number of burglaries during the pandemic. Therefore, you must understand the need for security and adapt smart emergency measures to keep your businesses safe.

You don’t need to hire guards everywhere to keep an eye on your belongings or property. Today’s world offers high-tech solutions to safeguard your property without being present at the place physically. Isn’t it a smart idea? Modern devices keep your homes and offices secure to a great extent. Gadgets and tools use Artificial Intelligence (AI) and numerous new technologies to protect your homes and businesses.

One of these security measures you need to own is a CCTV system. CCTV installation is the need of the hour to secure your valuables by keeping a constant watch on your things from any place, anytime.

Why is Surveillance Security Essential?

A CCTV system is crucial to deter criminal activities in and around your business surroundings. Security cameras are a must-have for your business as a part of pandemic planning, even though they aren’t operating. It would help if you still kept an eye on the business area. Burglary has increased in the pandemic due to a lack of attention towards companies that aren’t functioning now. Therefore, criminals try to hit such places.

A security system built for a commercial purpose allows you to monitor all the activities in your business premises from anywhere. Install a complete CCTV system, so you need not worry about the occurrence of suspicious situations in your business premises.

Additional home security measures

Residential places also need security to keep away from robbery and other threats. Check out how to ensure protection to your homes.

  • Identify sensitive areas in your home premises furthermore implementing security measures
  • Ensure that all the doors are locked when not in use or when you are away from your home
  • Focus on reinforcing the doors and windows
  • Install a CCTV system that provides 24/7 monitoring
  • Keep sufficient lighting in your home premises
  • Store things away from your building through which the burglars can climb to have access to your premises easily

How to reinforce your business security from inside?

Consider these points while managing the pandemic planning for your business.

  • Keep your valuables and high-value items away from the display windows
  • Do not leave the cash in the buildings or premises till the office opens again
  • Secure all the inner doors with curtains
  • Consider CCTV installation in the foremost areas of your premises like offices and hallways
  • Ensure that you lock the stockrooms for safety
  • Use bolted-down safe having sensors and time lock feature with an alarm
  • Avoid leaving the keys anywhere in the premises and ensure that only a specific part of your staff has its authorized access

Are you looking for a commercial-grade security system for your office or business? Get in touch with our security experts at Riowell to get the customized security system that suits your home and business needs.