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Importance of fire and smoke alarm monitoring

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According to the National Fire Protection Association, 50% of the disastrous fires occur while people are sleeping. That’s why fire and smoke alarm monitoring system is essential for your homes. Smoke alarms are used to detect smoke in the air and warn you against any potential fire.

A variety of models of smoke detectors and smoke alarms is available in the market for home safety. There are different methods to install them and find a place to locate them. It could be challenging to find the best possible smoke detector or alarm for your application and connect them rightly. Some smoke alarms are good at detecting the particles from smouldering smoke, and also other alarms are better at detecting particles from flame.

The three types of smoke detectors include the hybrid smoke detectors, the ionization smoke detectors, and photoelectric or optical detectors. The hybrid smoke detector is a combination of photoelectric and ionization technology.

  1. The Ionization Detection Alarm

In an ionization detection alarm, a small electrical current is used that flows between two metal plates and sound whenever smoke entering the chamber obstructs the current. This alarm is widely used in the case of fast flaming fires. The particles are observed to be larger and impeding the flow of current rapidly. The ionization detection alarm alerts speedily in quick blazing fire.

  1. Photoelectric Detection alarm

In a photoelectric detection alarm, a light source is used in this alarm so that when smoke gets into the chamber, light is scattered and strikes the sensor causing the alarm to alert. This alarm is used for a smouldering fire, which emits a lot of smoke before turning into a flaming fire. The photoelectric detection alarm detects smoke around 15 minutes earlier in most tests than the ionization detector detecting the smoke.

  1. Dual Sensor Alarm

Dual sensor alarms use two different methods of detection to identify fires. This alarm consists of both the photoelectric detector as well as the ionization detector. It is recommended to install dual-sensor alarms for high safety because they can cover a wide range of fires, offering more security than single sensor alarms. Also, remember to check your smoke detectors for the replacement of batteries at least twice a year.

Smoke Alarm Resources

NFPA is one of the significant resources to gain more knowledge about smoke alarms. Every second is considered necessary in case of a fire. Learning how to protect yourself is essential when your house is filled with smoke from a smouldering fire. You must know how to get the soonest possible warning in case an active fire takes place. An excellent method to gain valuable time in a fire is to include your alarms hard-wired into an electrical grid. When one of the alarms goes off, the other will alert everyone with the quickest warning time available.

Are you looking for smoke alarm installation services? Riowell has a team of certified technicians who will guide you to find the best fire and smoke alarm monitoring system for protecting your homes from fire.