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Is Smart Lock installation a reliable choice?

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Home Security,smart Locks / July 23, 2020

Today’s world has emerged to be smarter than ever before. Don’t you think your home safety needs a more intelligent solution too? Smart lock installation is significant for the security of your homes these days. These modern-day locks are well-known for security concerns, but they also add style to the front doors. Designed to work using Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and voice assistance, this home automation technology is increasingly growing. Smart lock installation provides high-level security to homes with the comfort of remote management and assurance of maintaining data records.

Traditional Door Locks

Traditional doors locks are used for ages to guard your homes when you are away from your houses. But do they provide high-level security to your homes? What if you forget to lock the door before you leave for your office? You can’t control your home security from anywhere with manually operated door locks. Getting a smart lock installed at your home is an excellent idea to keep it safe from burglars.

What is Smart Door Lock?

A smart door lock comprises all the advanced functions and combinations of wireless technologies, including Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. You can manage your smart lock from anywhere using the smart lock’s smartphone app. This amazing technology makes your life easier and increases your home security. It provides great convenience with the keyless entry and lets you lock and unlock doors remotely using a mobile app. The next time you forget to lock your doors, you need not worry because of the installed smart locks at your home. You can secure the door within a few seconds with great ease.

Let’s find out the best way to secure your homes—is it a traditional lock or a smart lock?

Comparison of Smart Locks and traditional locks for safety

The homeowners need to be mindful while choosing the type of hardware to install at their homes. Keep in mind the door’s strength, the locking mechanism, and frame while deciding the right lock for your home. Introducing the best smart lock or traditional lock isn’t the only thing that keeps your home secured. The structure of your house and doors is equally important.

The majority of smart lock models are designed to retrofit onto an existing deadbolt, indicating that smart locks and traditional locks are the same in terms of physical security. You can test the level of physical security provided against a forced entity by evaluating the strength of a deadbolt and lock body.

The most significant security issue you must consider is the connection of smart locks. Smart locks are designed to connect to a network using Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or Z-wave to operate remotely. With proper connectivity, you can access your smart locks easily from anywhere to avoid burglary.

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