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Self-Monitored Vs. Professionally Monitored Smoke Detectors

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Smoke Detectors

Alarm Systems / February 26, 2020

A high-quality smoke and fire alarm could be the difference between life and death, but many property owners do not know the difference between DIY and professional monitoring systems. At Riowell, we offer top of the line alarm systems and installation. Here we have broken down a few important facts that you should know before selecting your method of fire and smoke alarm monitoring.

A Comparison of Smoke Detector Monitoring Systems

Monitoring and access to first responders

While self-monitored smoke detectors require occupants to be inside the building in order to hear the alarm and reach out for help, professionally monitored systems are able to alert first responders whether or not anyone is inside the building. Although this may be seen as a major advantage to some property owners, others may be wary of the major fees associated with accidental alerts sent to the local fire department.

Fire and CO notifications

With innovation in fire and smoke alarm monitoring from leading security companies, property owners are now able to receive mobile notifications of a smoke or fire alarm when they are away from the building. These high-quality products solve the problem of accidental alerts to local emergency responders by allowing the property owner to contact the security company immediately in the case of a false alarm. With the addition of security camera installation, smart plugs, and smart switches, property owners will have the complete package in checking up on their building when notified of a fire or smoke.

High-quality alarm systems

Unfortunately, fire and smoke alarms that require self-monitoring tend to be far less effective than professionally monitored systems. These low-quality OEM smoke detectors are more likely to go off during a non-emergency and are often unable to detect harmful gasses such as carbon monoxide.

Insurance benefits

The more protection you have against emergency situations such as fires and theft on your property, the more likely your insurance company will be to lower your rate. Generally, professionally-monitored smoke and fire alarms, as well as security systems like burglar alarms are seen by insurance companies as far more secure than self-monitored systems. These savings on insurance fees will likely compensate for the added cost of a professionally monitored alarm system.


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