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Top 5 tips for security camera installation

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security camera installation

Alarm Systems / July 23, 2020

Cameras are considered by many to be the most technologically advanced inventions of modern-day engineering. The uses of the cameras vary depending on the scenarios in which it is used. One of the most successful areas where cameras have been of great use is in security services. The increase of crime and other anti-social activities has increased the need for close circuit surveillance systems or security-camera surveillance systems.
Using a camera surveillance system for your office, home, building, or manufacturing plant facility will enhance security surveillance and act as a deterrent to mischief-makers and thieves. But to increase the effectiveness of a security camera it is very important to know how and where they should be installed.

Here are the top 5 tips for enhancing the effectiveness of a security camera installation

  1. Location & coverage

Determining the perfect location for the installation of a security camera is of utmost importance. It should be installed in an area that is most vulnerable such as the front and back entrance of buildings. It should also have proper coverage of the entry and exit areas and should be facing in the direction of the visitors as they enter or stand at the door. The area should also have enough lighting during the night and day.

  1. Cable management and power

Professional thieves and burglars will first try to disable the power of the facility or usually just cut off the CCTV surveillance systems wiring. Therefore, it is necessary to plan and manage the cable routing, concealing it within the walls and giving it its own power backup so that it works even during power outages. Also, hiding the camera in strategic locations away from direct sight works very well.

  1. Future-proofing and system configuration

Many businesses find themselves having to upgrade their security camera systems within a few years of installation. This is because they initially settled for low quality, low profile, and did not plan for future expansion of technology. It is advised that you select camera systems that are built for further expansion plans. Also, remember that configuration of security systems is not a DIY project that you can take-up on your weekend off. Configuration of the system should be left to the professionals.

  1. Testing

The most crucial of all tips are testing. It is very important to operate the camera and make sure it is properly working and exceeds your expectations. If possible you should perform a dry run before installation or before final installation. You don’t want to route wires and install a camera only to know in the end that you missed out on something or the system fails to work. This will also ensure that you have chosen the appropriate location for maximum coverage on the camera footage. It will also allow you to fine-tune the camera to avoid glares or any obstacles.

  1. Cleaning and Maintenance

It is often noted that many owners of new security camera systems do not buy maintenance plans. This is where they falter. Regular cleaning and maintenance of the system ensure it works flawlessly every day. It also ensures that any faults or cuts in wires are rectified immediately.
There are many leading manufacturers for home and commercial security systems. It becomes very complicated for the customer to select the best option for their use. A professional security camera installation company like Riowell will always provide the finest solutions for its customers while meeting their budget constraints.

Riowell will also make sure the installation and wiring meet industry standards and regulations. To learn more about our services, be sure to visit our website or contact us today!